Milan Expo
One hundred and nine years after their first world expo, Milan and Italy have got their Expo 2015 – an event that may thoroughly reshape the Lombardy capital’s present and future. As of this issue no. 919, Domus will be covering the subject with a long line of surveys, reports and reflections. The purpose of this first, detached and objective look at Milan is to put together the initial pieces of a mosaic, or fresco. The result will be a representation in progress of the Milan area’s urban condition. So, from now until 2015, Domus will be on the spot to accompany and monitor all of the city’s future transformations. With its running appointments and research, the magazine will accumulate material, information and critical comment.For years Milan has been in the doldrums, in a state of dormant potential that has profoundly affected its international image. If the city has managed to keep a prominent role in the sectors of creativity and economy, this has been due mainly to private enterprise. These initiatives have been decisive in helping to retrace and renew its urban form, in the absence of any public organic and far-sighted development project.Expo Milan 2015 is a great opportunity at last to confront a longterm project for urban renewal and no longer simply to cope with emergencies and day-to-day situations.With Expo 2015 we think Milan can recapture its cultural, economic and geopolitical place as a key city on the European scene.We hope the occasion will not remain a virtual one, that the assignment received on 21 March, 2008, can be the first leg of a journey that will enable Milan to regain the permanent position of absolute worldwide prestige which it deserves.